Irina Shayk and Jessica White were seen sauntering through New York City on January 16. The beauties were out to enjoy the bone-chilling New York winter wrapped in (horror of horrors!) fur coats, as paparazzi swarmed around them.
According to reports, this might have a link with the news broadcasted by NY Daily News about Irina’s photos being sold out as her ex-fiance’s store items were put on sale. Now, resources have it, Valerio Morabito is filing a lawsuit against a Flat Rage storage unit in New Jersey for putting up his personal possessions for sale without a prior notice. All they did was tell him about the expiration of his credit card.
Morbabito reveals the storage facility had around $150,000 worth of Armani Casa Furniture, $80,000 worth of gym equipment, carpets, and precious family silverware along with Irina’s photographs.