The jokes of fart and sex on The Pick of Destiny back in 2006 are getting boring and lame, Jack Black has some great news for you. The one half Los Angeles, California based guitar duo Tenacious D who is also a comedian, an actor, and a musician, had revealed that the band will release their new album by the on of 2011.

His hard work and passion to music had resulted in him partnering with the Gulliver’s Travels co-star, Jason Segel to redo the Little Drummer Boy of Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s version.  Black promises that the subject matter on The D is still untitled third LP will be a bit more R rated. He told Spinner, “We are going to talk about love. There will be some songs about food and some of them are talking about sex.”

Black also added that he and his partner, Kyle Gass which is also the lead guitarist and vocalist are almost done in the writing process and is still in the middle process of recording all the songs. Until now, Black did not have any plans of releasing the upcoming album as song tracks of a movie but the idea of doing that might be taken into his consideration. He said, ‘ I would not turn down another film though it is a low budget one since it is a passion to the music that rule.’