tmz reports that Lil Waynehas lost a couple of lawsuits, against Producer Quincy JonesIII over “The Carter”, documentary.

Judged Ruled in favor of Quincy Jones, who had filed a counter suit against Lil Wayne’s original suit, and orders Wayne to pay $2,195,000. The original suit by Lil Wayne was regarding his “scandalous portrayal” in the indie film and the use of his music in the film.

The tide shifted in favor of Jones after Wayne failed to show up in the court, due to a medical emergency. His lawyers played the deposition footage of the rapper, but the judge was less than convinced and dubbed it as “irresponsible” on part of Wayne.

This is turning out to be a pretty busy year, in terms of lawsuits, of the 30 year old rapper, as he already has settled lawsuits with producers David Kirkwood and Deezle regarding “The carterIII” production royalties.

One, particular, news that Wayne’s fans would not enjoy is regarding the delay in launch of his album “I Am Not a Human Being 2”. The sequel to his 2010 album has been pushed from Nov to 11th of Dec.