Linkin Park premiered the video of their latest music single “Burn It Down” in a sparking performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 24th, Thursday.
It is quite a relief to see the band leading their own way and not swirling themselves into the latest electro trends in the music genre. The video has its own heavy beat and a dark rock and metal mixture which make it truly unique and spectacular.
Considering the other videos released during the same time, Linkin Park has definitely kept its distinct act together with the high tech video, showcasing only the six member band and creating a sparking fusion of the visuals in an electrified room.
Although there is a highlight of the sonic experiments used in the video, Chester Bennington, lead vocalist of the band has managed to bring back some of the memories of “Hybrid Theory” back for their fan base. The video has managed to provide a kind of reassurance to the fact that Linkin Park is surely not completely swept into the current electro phase.
The engulfing wild fire and the blue electric visuals, the video has uniquely blended electro in with the traditional rock genre of Linkin Park’s foundations.