From time to time we learned that it is not good to keep our hopes rising up high when talking about The Rolling Stones passions to music. It has been reported by Spinner that the legendary band has recorded a brand new song for their upcoming tribute. It is a cover of Bob Dylan’s 1971 song, Watching the River Flow. It was recorded not only with their current members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, but also with their former bass player, Bill Wyman.

You still can’t believe it? Well, here are some facts; Ben Waters which is a British piano player is now releasing a tribute album for the Sixth Stone who is also known as Ian Stewart. Stewart was the keyboard player and the co founder of the outfit before he was projected as the road manager by the band’s management. Apart from the down turn, Stewart had give large contribution to the band as he played piano, organ, marimbas, and percussion to all Rolling Stones albums which had been released since 1964 and 1986, except for Beggars Banquel. He also is touring with the band during those years.  But sadly, he passed away at the age of 47 on December 12th 1985 due to heart attack.

The tribute album, Boogie for Stu, is due to be released on March 9th and the album also will contribute to British Heart Foundation. Waters already had contributors for this album like Watts, Wood, Jools, Holland, and PJ Harvey. On his website, he stated that he is going to be recording with Keith Richards who is playing in three of the tracks and additional vocals on another track while Mick Jagger is playing harmonica and sing for one track.

The news is not yet confirmed by The Rolling Stones but we will keep you on track about this from time to time.