Two Door Cinema Club has collaborated with veteran producer Jacknife Lee. Their breakthrough debut “Beacon” acted like a stepping stone, leading them to the producer’s Topanga Canyon Studio. Jacknife has worked with the likes of U2 and REM in the past and Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore album is scheduled to hit the shelves on September 4. This time, the indie musicians have taken their time working on regionally appropriate pace and not hurried their work like they did during the making of their 2010 “Tourist History”

“We were maybe a bit nervous, we’d never worked with a big-name producer before,” declared the bassist of the group Kevin Baird, while speaking to “He just let us discover for ourselves where we wanted to push the songs.” he further added.

“This time, we had only a couple of months to write the songs, but much longer in the studio,” stated the lead vocalist Alex Trimble. “It was really exciting to go in and not know what we were doing this time.”

The collaboration between the Irish musicians and Jacknife Lee has produced a lead single named “Sleep Alone” which is anthemic to listen to. Two Door Cinema Club has accredited the set theme to be influenced by their months spent on the road during which they made pit stops at Glastonbury and Coachella music festivals, as well as mingling with label mates Phoenix.

We’ve really concentrated on capturing one certain feel or one certain moment in time,” Trimble said, “and making music bring us back to that day.”